Far And Away at The Arlington Arts Center

Recently installed a sculpture at the Arlington Arts Center in Arlington, VA, for the opening of the exhibition CSA; 40 Years of Community-Sourced Art.  The exhibition includes Ken Ashton, Martha Jackson Jarvis, J.J. McCracken, Nikki Painter, Alex Podesta, Soledad Salamé, Erik Thor Sandberg, Foon Sham, Tariq Tucker, and Dane Winkler, with curator: Laura Roulet.  The opening is on Saturday January 25th From 6-9 p.m at 3550 Wilson Blvd. Arlington VA 22201 Metro: Orange Line: Virginia Square.  The show is up until April 13th, with gallery hours wed-fri 1-7 and sat-sun 12-5.

The install was quick and painless... just the way I like it.  Thanks to a friend Casey for lending me a trailer and his assistance for the day, and for drinking beers and eating pizza with me down the road after the work day.  

Far And Away

6.5' x 20' x 10'

Rough-sawn poplar, pine lumber, fabricated steel, epoxy resin on vinyl tile, and steel fencing.

Far And Away contrasts a familiar nostalgic environment from my past with an opposing space of the same function.  An entrance to a barn is seamlessly juxtaposed with a revolving door entrance to a corporate building.  Although a barn gate and a revolving door serve the same purpose, the settings on the other side are worlds apart.  This idea speaks on behalf of the notion of home and home-away-from-home, as well as interaction and functionality in art.