Below are some images from "new. now.", the first exhibition of a two year fellowship program at the Hamiltonian Gallery in Washington, DC.  I am pleased to be taking part in the fellowship program with the 5 other 1st year fellows, and the 10 others.  Following the opening I gave a talk about my work in the show, train tracks, automated jobs taking over, and danger along with Naoko Wowsugi, who told some of the most interesting stories ever, both during and after her talk.  The images below are of Lighthouse Keeper, The Great Divide; Halfway Up Mt. Frederica, and "WheelBarrow", modeled (within Inches) after the first ever marketed and sold wheelbarrow called The Henderson Barrow.  The sculpture is made of patina'd fabricated steel, rough-sawn lumber, and dry-wall.  It deals with old and new labor, function, and interaction.  My next show at the gallery is in April.

Also, currently open in The Art Gallery at the University of Maryland is a great show curated by artist Nate Larson, titled; Double Back: Photographic Reflexivity... The show "features a group of artists using photographic processes to implicate the method of representation in the production of an art object".  The entire show is very well crafted and selected.... One work I would like to put further attention to is by artist William Lamson titled A line Describing the Sun. In undergrad, we used to bring in an example of a contemporary work of sculpture when we met on Fridays to project and talk about as a class (I now do this with my undergrad students as well).  Once I brought in this work after it blowing my mind having stumbled upon it, to soon after forever forget about it.  It was pretty astonishing to all at once remember how fucking good the work is, who it was by, and that I used it years ago to share with a class... all while stumbling upon it again in person in a gallery above my current studio... Wild.  

In other news; I am working towards the April Hamiltonian show, as well as the March Midpoint show at the STAMP gallery on campus, while having a little time to explore new stuff in my studio like motors, sheep's wool, diesel fuel, and clarified butter.  There's an Iron Pour coming up here on December 6th.... anyone interested?