The Space Between

The Space Between is a new exhibition featuring artists; Lauren Shea Little, Lauren Frances Evans, and Robert Hackett. In the contemporary world of art exhibitions, context is of paramount importance. A work can be unveiled and responded to in a vastly different way depending upon the way it interacts with the rest of the surrounding works. Artists and curators alike strive to find a balance in a group exhibition to allow the works to engage one another. A commonality is proposed in The Space Between through the boundary existing in both two and three dimensions that each artist dwells (especially in these work examples). Although the specific habitat that each individual accompanies in this realm differs from one another, a powerful relationship is created from wall to wall in the gallery space. The works offer a strong sense of process in their finished result, which allows the viewer to seamlessly transition into the next work on the wall.

The mystery behind the processes each artist deploys for the works here acts as the grabbing force. Each piece is enthralling in their aesthetics, and further-more compelling in the discovery of their making. Lauren Little's series titled Recursive offers three ghostly deteriorating reproductions of the same shape involving a continuum process driven by the sound of her own pulse. Rob Hackett's Constructed Spaces 1 presents a paper mounted object exploring spacial confusion allowing the viewer to recede into space while at the same time seeing the inverse affect... truly speaking to the area between dimensions. Lauren Evan's Collage 1 describes a strangely animate and alarming shape made from meticulously cut skin-tone magazine clippings rendered as though tactile and three dimensional. The viewer is drawn in and out to explore this hybrid ground of excitement and confusion. Each work through it's unique process speaks to a new place of dimension in its interaction with the viewer. ART IS FUN

The Work, in order.

-Lauren Shea Little

1. Recursive  2013, pigment on dura-lar, gum bichromate print, sound source: pulse

2-4. Protracta Lingua  2013 gum bichromate print, sound source: tongue surface

-Robert Hackett

5. Constructed Surfaces 1  2013

6.  Constructed Surfaces 2  2013

-Lauren Frances Evans

7. Collage on 7x10" paper 2012

8. Collage on 7x10" paper 2012

9. Collage on 11x14" paper 2012