The Un-Named Mountain

Below are some process shots behind the making of The Un-Named Mountain.  This is one of those sculptures that took the construction of another rather large tool to finish building the sculpture itself.  In order to get the sculpture hung I needed a gantry.  I also wanted a gantry for my studio, BUT I also wanted it to be portable (for installs), AND it needed to be rated for a lot of weight.  I ended building a 14 ft wide crane on casters.  It is adjustable in height from 8 ft to 16 ft high via cable winches and hand-made pulleys (took some time to design).  It is NOT painted safety orange yet but it will be soon.  I will post more about it in the near future.  Is it easier for me to like this object than my sculpture??.... maybe.  It is brutally elegant in its function, and when I ask myself "why did I make this" the answer comes right to mind AND it's the same every time.... quite unlike when I ask that to myself about sculptures.  Maybe that's a good thing.  Many-a-beer were drank looking at this sculpture in its various states of completion (or disaster of a mess) in my studio after a long day of work wondering over my beer if the work I did was right.  On to the next thing....    Be sure to check the video and images out under the SCULPTURE section.