A Year In Review

Most of my preliminary sketches are done on a piece of newsprint. They are tacked to my studio wall for reference while I build, and also so I have somewhere to write something down before I get distracted and forget. (easier than one would think) And that's just what they are, a means of remembering, really.  The drawings are very quick gestures, and are typically only done so that I can record possible dimensions and materials.  This form of "sketching" is much more beneficial to my practice in the writing.  Bullets of information, possibilities, things to think about, what the fuck I am trying to say... all usually ending with a question mark.  I always have been very interested in drawings of artists like Christo and Robert Stackhouse,  and am recently thinking about drawings of finished sculptures as an after-fact of the work.  

Every time I went through a box of screws I would peel the box open and write down a rule... or a guideline, or something along those thoughts... the first thing that comes to mind.  These are not all of the screw boxes I went through, usually when I run out of screws it is in the middle of when I am using screws... meaning that I need them, and it makes me stressed that I have to go to the hardware store to get more screws, hence why I would forget to write a rule down.  So these are simply the boxes in which I remembered to do so.  They are taped up, hiding around my studio, and I suddenly found them quite charming.