Been a while, here's what's up.  Here I am halfway through the Emerging Artist Fellowship at Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City, NYC.  Been here for a month now and time is flying.  I am at a good spot in my process, and feel there is more than enough time to finish up for install.  The work is an interactive 12' x 12' x 24' arch -bridge with a 15' tall fabricated street light on top.  The wood is reclaimed and purchased from M Fine Lumber, old beams from a 100 year old building in Manhattan.  Below is a slideshow of process images while working at the park.  Everyone involved with Socrates and the EAF program is super kind and being able to work there is an honor.  Time is different here in the city....  I guess that's why the term "New York Minute" exists.  I am staying in Ridgewood, Queens thanks to my good friends Dan, Riley, and Brian.  I sleep in a hammock in their rad back yard when I can and get eaten by mosquitos.  OR I sleep on their couch next to a new (much needed) fan I bought at Rite-Aid down the street.  I am eating well... when I can,  and driving the half hour trip to LIC, or riding my bike that I bought in upstate New York from a strange old man I found on craigslist with a new cadillac that got ruined by hail.  I am getting much better at pool and drinking plenty of coffee, water, and beer (usually in that order).  I hang out with Dizzy the black lab at home, and a herd of cats (cleverly named by Lars of Socrates) at the park.  The park is on the east river and hosts some killer sunsets.  I have been reminded here and there how small the world is through meeting people that know people I know, which is endearing in a way.  My hands are stained and blistered which is also endearing somehow.  If you are in NYC between September and March, please visit the park to see my work as well as the 14 other talents of the EAF'14 program.  The opening is September 7th.  

What else?  I made it up to Salem Art Works to see my brother and many friends, hang out on "For Euler", a work there by Mark di Suvero (seen above), see family, and play a small show in a small barn with a mother bird in the rafters who didn't like it so much.  My exhibition at the Hillyer Arts Space in D.C  that was scheduled for the month of August has unfortunately been postponed due to construction... more on that when I know.  ALSO, I am honored and pleased to announce that I will be participating in the Hamiltonian Fellowship in .   #ARTISFUN

D.C http://www.hamiltonianartists.org/artists/