This past summer I was chosen as one of 15 artists to participate in the 2014 Emerging Artist Fellowship at Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City, NY.  Through this program, emerging artists apply for a residency position including a stipend and use of the outdoor studio space at the park working towards a 6 month exhibition there.  For 2 months a couple of my greatest friends let me stay on their couch in Ridgewood, Queens while I built 'Moon Lasso' at Socrates.  The opportunity was one for the record books.  See the blog 'Happenings' below for some process shots.  The opening was spectacular and the feedback from everyone at Socrates and the community at large in Long Island city was great.  

After the 6 month exhibition at Socrates, 'Moon Lasso' has moved up to Salem Art Works, with a lot of help from the Socrates crew and from SAW, especially my brother Chase who works there as Sculpture Park Manager.  The move was made possible through an Emergency Grant offered by The Foundation for Contemporary Art.   It's always nice working with such experienced and skilled people, which allowed this intense endeavor to go rather smooth.   'Moon Lasso' seems to be very comfortable in its new environment.

Other work of mine is currently at the tail end of three different exhibitions.  The first is the Midpoint Exhibition at the Stamp Gallery at UMD. Here, I showed two works along side artist Jowita Wyszomirska.  I showed the work 'Oh, Brother' which was it's first time out of the studio space.  Apparently having roughly 60 gallons of combustible substances inside a student union at a University isn't allowed... who knew?  The worked lived on after some small adjustments involving the Fire Marshall.  On the other half of the Gallery is a new work titled 'Robin Hood's Bow'.  The sculpture referenced a fortress constructed of reclaimed lumber and fabricated steel, and fit perfectly into a strange corner space in the gallery.  During the opening, my brother Chase and I snuck into the space and locked ourselves inside while he gave me a stick and poke tattoo of Robin Hood's Bow.  The event was projected on the wall below the object, and now a video loop documenting the process has taken the projections place.  I was drawn to Robin Hood as a child, and would imagine my life as such a hero in the spaces my brother and I would create.  Steal from the rich and give to the needy.  Robin Hood For President.  See the video in the Sculpture Section.

The second exhibition is part of the  Hamiltonian Fellowship I'm taking place in, and it's up until Saturday May 9th at the Hamiltonian gallery at 1353 U St. NW in DC. There was a wonderful opening reception that took place on Saturday April 11th, and an artist talk with myself and Will Schneider-White (who's currently showing paintings in the front of the gallery) on Thursday Aprill 23rd.  ALSO, there's an after hours party where we can drink beer out of the hatch of my boat on Thursday the 7th from 6 - 9.  I even was able to give a private talk to about 60 Cherry Blossom Princess'.  My exhibition consists of two large scale works.  One titled 'A-L-I-C-E' which loosely references the butchering of a cow I watched when I was about ten, turns on for two minutes every hour on-the-hour.  Two large masses of raw sheep wool dance around an industrial crane-like structure.  The other titled 'Setting Sail: Gettin Outta Dodge' consists of three parts; a pontoon boat, and two videos of documentation, one showing the intense labor of love behind it's construction, and the other documenting the first time it ever kissed water.  The work exists on a fine line between utilitarian and art object, catering to the innovator as well as the blue collar boy.  You can read an....... interesting review of the exhibition here.  See the Sculpture section for video and more images of each work. (Images courtesy of Hamiltonian Gallery)

The Final exhibition I'm in currently is a Washington Sculptors Group show called Bricklayers at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, Virginia.  The application called for works about the history of this space, which is a former prison.  After some research I found a peculiar fact about the prisoners building a kiln (pictured below) on site to fire the bricks in which they built a prison around themselves with.... I found this notion pretty profound.  The work I made references a hybrid brick kiln and coffin fit for my size to comment on the idea of "digging your own grave" so to speak.  The show is up until June 28th.  

What else is going on?  I'm looking into buying a 1990 Diesel F-250 with no bed and only 60,000 miles.  From May 14th to the 27th I'll be back out at Franconia Sculpture Park assisting Foon Sham on a new sculpture to be exhibited there.  I'm real excited to see some familiar faces there, this excited.   Right after that is the postponed date for my solo exhibition at Hillyer Arts Space at 9 Hillyer Ct NW in DC.  My exhibition will feature one large interactive installation and is up from June 5th to the 27th with an opening reception on the 5th.  Here's a sneak peak of the work, more to come soon.

After that (and in between) I'll be assisting UMD Professor of Painting Patrick Craig on some steel armatures for new sculptures.  I will possibly (and hopefully) be helping out with Salem Art Work's busy summer programs in July and August, all the while searching for a camper on craigslist.  I'll be using the tail end of summer to prepare for another solo exhibition at Visarts in Rockville, MD which exhibits from September 2nd to October 4th with an opening reception on Friday September 4th. Stay in touch.  BOOM!