SUMMER 2020 plans

I first moved into my trailer house in March of 2018.  I approached this stay as an experiment to see how this structure might function as a home while on the road.  Moving in was a conscious decision in simplifying and editing. It’s been over a year that I’ve lived inside the mobile unit now and it’s slowly becoming more and more comfortable with little projects and upgrades every so often.  The structure has everything an ‘average American’ needs (which is perhaps too much) but regardless; it’s equipped with constant fresh water, hot water, shower and sink, refrigerator and freezer, stove top and oven, composting toilet, gray water drain tube, lofted twin bed, 4 windows, outdoor porch and seating, food and clothing storage, mini couch, and heat and air conditioning to name a few.  All of this fits inside a 100 sq. ft room. The back half is built out with storage shelves, a work table, and designated locations for tools and machines I travel with. It’s currently stationed behind the last house on a dead end street adjacent to an abandoned strip mall. The gravel lot is shared with a garage/workshop with a firepit in between and surrounded by a dense bamboo forest. The area stays shaded throughout most of the day with help from impressive looming oak trees.  

So far I’ve taken the trailer on one long trip (from North Carolina to New York and back) fully loaded with tools and all.  With help from some truck hitch upgrades it rides pretty well considering it weighs around 10,000 lbs and adds an additional 32 ft of length to the truck.  I’ve been developing some plans for travel and trying to make the mobile studio half of the unit as efficient as possible. Next summer (2020) I plan on using the trailer for what is was conceived as.  I’m looking for a structure to take down - preferably a barn - to transform into a new interactive sculpture… Ideally the work stays on site, but I’m open to this project taking on whatever form it needs to throughout its lifetime.  The main guidelines thus far require enough space and time to live on site with the trailer next to the structure to be taken down, and the availability to document the process. I’m becoming more and more interested in collaboration in relation to this idea - This can but doesn’t have to mean help with dismantle… It can also mean interviews about the site, a music or performance within the site as it comes down, a podcast speaking to ideas that come up throughout the transformation...etc.  I’m still looking for funding for this endeavor. Get in touch if you’d like to participate in any way.