(detail) video and sound loop.

Video sample of lights passing by outside the window of the METRO traveling into Washington D.C.  The sound loop is external and was made on top of the video, featuring a train sound that pans from right to left in accordance to the lights that pass.


train camera.jpg

What The Hell Are People For? 2014

Video loop.

This was a secret event performed at the University of Maryland, College Park.   Construction workers unknowingly buried a letter in a bottle under concrete destined to find hands in the future.  

Eliot Rosewater said it best in this passage from Kurt Vonnegut's "God Bless You MR. Rosewater"

All serious diseases had been conquered. So death was voluntary, and the government, to encourage volunteers for death, set up a purple-roofed Ethical Suicide Parlor at every major intersection, right next door to an orange-roofed Howard Johnson's. There were pretty hostesses in the parlor, and Barca-Loungers, and Muzak, and a choice of fourteen painless ways to die. The suicide parlors were busy places, because so many people felt silly and pointless, and because it was supposed to be an unselfish, patriotic thing to do, to die. The suicides also got free meals next door.
And so on. Trout had a wonderful imagination. One of the characters asked a death stewardess if he would go to Heaven, and she told him that of course he would. He asked if he would see God, and she said, "Certainly, honey."
And he said, "I sure hope so. I want to ask him something I never was able to find out down here."
"What's that?" she said, strapping him in.
"What the hell are people for?"

What the .jpg

The Great Divide; Halfway Up Mt. Frederica, 2013

Wood, chain, hardware, video and sound loop, 20' x 2.5' x 22.

This work presents a self-determined task. A ten-second sound loop (sampled from a Franz Schubert composition) is layered and echoed for 30 minutes. By the end of the sound byte the notes are lost in their reverb. This atrium has an incredible amount of natural reverb, which also plays into the disintegration of the loop. The task was to build a bridge across two platforms in this space, before the song ends. The bridge planks were pre-drilled and hardware was fastened through the planks and the chain. My pockets held the exact right amount of hardware to make it across. The sculpture was secretly planned and was disassembled Immediately afterwards. A television screen was installed in the space, looping the video.  The last image is of the work installed in "new. now." an exhibition as part of a two year fellowship at the Hamiltonian gallery in Washington D.C.