The Great Divide; Halfway Up Mt. Frederica, 2013

Wood, chain, hardware, video and sound loop, 20' x 2.5' x 22.

This work presents a self-determined task. A ten-second sound loop (sampled from a Franz Schubert composition) is layered and echoed for 30 minutes. By the end of the sound byte the notes are lost in their reverb. This atrium has an incredible amount of natural reverb, which also plays into the disintegration of the loop. The task was to build a bridge across two platforms in this space, before the song ends. The bridge planks were pre-drilled and hardware was fastened through the planks and the chain. My pockets held the exact right amount of hardware to make it across. The sculpture was secretly planned and was disassembled Immediately afterwards. A television screen was installed in the space, looping the video.  The last image is of the work installed in "new. now." an exhibition as part of a two year fellowship at the Hamiltonian gallery in Washington D.C.