My work transforms the white wall and public environment with large-scale sculptures and interactive installations.  I couple an intense building vocabulary with a subtle sense of poetry often harkening back to my roots related to homesteading. The sculptures characterize a mysterious familiarity to function - be it otherworldly or local. A contextualization of pastoral materials foregrounds moral issues of subsistence amid urban and cosmopolitan surroundings.  The structures regularly compare and contrast industry and function with self sufficiency and one’s most basic needs. Often the materials can elicit a more private intention as I explore manipulated recognizable objects alongside crafted components. By reconsidering forms through transformations their impressions are modified. These substances are taken out of context and compared with more inscrutable forms that hint at function or motion. The work relates to the body in various ways ranging from their personal history as a cradle for the body, to an abstraction that empathizes with the absence of a body, or the cyclical miracle of birth and death.