Round Top Dig, 2016

Fabricated steel, patina.

4' x 1.5' x 8'.

Round Top Dig was originally exhibited at the 2016 Foggy Bottom Sculpture Biennial titled 'Turf and Terrain'.  From The exhibitions website: "Turf and Terrain is built from the stuff of Foggy Bottom. Looking to the area’s industrial roots, architectural heritage, and natural history, this exhibition unearths, uproots, and expands the landscape and legacy of Foggy Bottom with new life, new monuments, and new inhabitants with new stories to tell. –Danielle O’Steen, Turf and Terrain Curator".

"Evoking the industrial roots of Foggy Bottom, this large-scale, steel pulley appears to be buried deep within the earth. As if a piece of defunct, forgotten machinery, the structure uncovers pieces of the neighborhood’s past, unearthing a lost legacy."  The title also nods to Foggy Bottoms history - A well known gang known as Round Tops was active in the neighborhood.  The structure is frozen in it's movement, uncovered halfway, luring to audience to consider what else lies under the soil and concrete - physically or metaphorically.