Ruby's Gate, '16

Fabricated steel, patina, adobe stucco (earth, straw, concrete) sound, and light.

10' x 3' x 3'

This work was exhibited at 'Land&Art@MARC' a four season exhibition project at the Maryland Agricultural Resource Center in Cockeysville, MD in January, 2016.  A ten minute sound loop echoes from inside the 'pile' at the bottom of the structure.  My brother, Chase Rudisill Winkler and I collaborated on this project as he collected sounds from Salem Art Works (a residency/sculpture park program built on an old cow farm in upstate New York), where he lives and works, and I fabricated the object.  Each artist team in this exhibition was given a horse stall to work with in the barn at MARC.  I looked back on the last horse on our farm for inspiration named Ruby.