Where Do We Go From Here? 2019

Wooden cart, french press coffee with mugs, fabricated steel, rigging straps, and shackles.

20’ 3.5’ x 2’

‘Where Do We Go From Here?’ was exhibited for one day only in the atrium space in the Gatewood Arts Building at The University of North Carolina Greensboro. This project was the first solo exhibition through a curatorial project created by Connor McNerney , a MFA candidate at UNCG. Connor’s cart is utilized as an alternative exhibition space hosting small sculptures by undergrad and grad students from around the country. Given my relationship with Connor, I approached this project with his sensibilities of the cart in conversation with mine. This cart was first made as somewhat of a mobile coffee unit - where Connor would bring students and faculty french press coffee around the building. This project, as well as other ideas of his, often deal with accessibility within the university in many different forms of institutional critique. I decided my iteration of the project would hint at the carts former life as an accessible drink cart, as well as an obvious inaccessibility - to shed light on Connor’s ideas involved with such a critique.